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Paradigm Clutch is no more...

Finally.  It's ended.  Done.

As I stated at the comic's page, I've just had too many plot holes, too many mistakes, too many regrets.  I just can't continue any longer.

Will there be another comic project?  I don't know.  If I do go that route, it would be with a corrected project world and characters.  I like them too much, I like the worlds too much.  I want to tell stories with them.  But I just failed horridly.

I'm going to shut down this LJ after this post has sat here for a time.

Thank you for your patience and your time and friendship.  It has always been appreciated.


Comic still updating...

The story is up to pg 11 now, I'm working on p 12.

Still over at http://paradigm-clutch.com

Guess it says something when there's more spam messages on the comic updates than comments.  /wan smile


Comic update schedule

I aim for Monday.  But if I miss that day due to a chaotic week, then the page updates when finished.

Planting the Seed is up to pg 4...and again I find myself wondering why I do this.

The answer always is: because I can't stop, I have to, I must, be it slow or fast, I must do the comic.

I just wish there were more to share it with.

--L, going back to working on pg 5

Pg2 is up

Monday is the update day for the comic.



Pg 2 is finished...drawn, inked, lettered, waiting for Monday.

Going to try to start pg 3...if I can keep from laughing at poor Naethn.


Planting the Seed begins today

Pg 1 of Planting the Seed, the new comic story, is uploaded.  I'm aiming for Mondays.

Thank you for your patience!



"Planting the Seed" will release sometime next week, not sure if on one of the usual days or an entirely different one.

A page a week, hopefully, and it's 26 pgs long.

Thank you for your patience!



I keep spending time redrawing Nathan's ears to be smaller.  I keep drawing them too large and shaped like a deer's.

Maybe I should just take the hint and just go with it.  Same for his feet.  I keep giving him four toes on the rear feet.  /sigh

--L, erase erase erase draw large deer ears then laughs at Nathan...


Script is finally rewritten, I'm starting on pg 2's sketch.

That is if I can keep from laughing as I draw...dammit.